GuardSeal™ producing full series advanced tamper indicating adhesive seals to satisfy highest security needs in banking, logistics, shipping, aviation, food, beverages, IT and communication industries.


To stop tampering, pilferage and recurrent loss, more and more companies take actions to stop tampering and theft. GuardSeal™ provide complete line of tamper evidence security seals with built-in deterrent features could address most pilfering and tampering problem to secure your products in all levels of logistics security and distribution management.

• CIT container & packaging
• ATM cash box
• Cash box for entertainment machine
• Security container and safes
• Logistics / packaging security
• Access control & usage identification
• Police property & evidence
• Sensitive documents & envelopes
• Warranty seals for IT products, pharmaceutical
• Postal & courier parcels
• Airline carts & trolley
• Food and beverage containers
• Cash box for entertainment machine


GuardSeal™ committed to excellent and innovated technology to providing the highest standard to satisfy your needs in different security application and material surface.


Standard tamper indicating seals. The hidden message will appear once seal has been tampered; adhesive residue of appeared message would adhere on the applied surface and difficult to remove.


  • Suitable surfaces: metal, wood, plastic, glass
  • Special central slitting backing available for security closure of bag converter.


Innovative design to satisfy security needs in logistics / packaging, perfect for paper basis packaging material to secure valuable products in transportation and warehouse. When seals has been torn off, paper fabric won't be torn apart, instead, the whole adhesive layer would adhered on the packaging surface to address clear evidence.


  • Suitable surfaces: corrugated box, Kraft and color printed cardboard.
  • Available to supply non-backing reel pack for automatic carton sealer.

NR type is another technology innovation in the field of self-adhesive security seals. Its’ unique non-residue tamper indicating function offering security services provider an efficient, effective and environment friendly solution in indoor/outdoor security detection & protection system.


  • Perfect for access control of restricted area, aircraft & vehicle security.
  • Provide clean and customer satisfied usage control of valuable products.
  • Suitable substrate material: metal, glass, plastic and smooth wood surface.
General Specifications:
  • Color: Blue, Red, yellow, Grey, white, Green, Purple or other specified color.
  • Custom design of hidden message available for highest security / material control.